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A complete workflow solution to streamline your volume photography operations and increase profitability.

MaxLab is a scalable volume photography solution, providing you with complete automation; from capture to fulfilment. Instead of manually managing all aspects of the process, MaxLab automatically processes thousands of sophisticated products with minimal input. MaxLab is used in a variety of environments, with customisable features where you can add in any data field, giving you the flexibility to create many products with whatever data information you have. 


Image workflow

MaxLab includes a variety of high volume image editing tools, such as cropping, resizing, and colour correction. MaxLab also supports face detection, which can be used to automatically crop images around the subject's face.


Order fulfilment 

MaxLab can be used to create and manage customer orders. It can also be integrated with e-commerce platforms to automate the order fulfilment process.

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Print production

MaxLab supports all major minilab brands, including Fuji, Noritsu, KIS, Doli, Epson and others, as well as digital outputs. It can be used to automatically print orders, saving users the time and hassle of having to manually print each order.

MaxLab provides high volume photography solutions for…


School photographers


Cruise ship photographers

Running Event PhotographerAdobeStock_311344091.jpeg

Events photographers


> Proof plan workflow

> Import / Edit / Print

> Tagging system

> Non-destructive editing

> Powerful search

> Colour managed workflow

> Modular system

> Automatic cropping with face detect

“Gillman & Soame have been working with Halsys for a number of years, Halsys have been in instrumental in overhauling our digital portraiture business from capture to distribution.”

Gary White, Director Gillman and Soame UK Ltd.

Found your solution?

If you’re interested in finding out more about how MaxLab could be incorporated into your business, book a free discovery call with us today.

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