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MaxLab Enterprise

Maxlab has a REST API for integrations with business systems as well as user interface designed for tracking orders and production in an ultra-high volume environment.

MaxLab is a platform with high volume production at it's core and has been architected to be scalable and flexible. The API allows your development team to integrate directly with the system using modern and well-supported standards. Our team will work to support your technical efforts and collaboration is a key strength for Halsys, having worked with many corporate customers in the photography sector as well as cruise, ski, and government departments.


MaxLab Server API

MaxLabs REST API is a standardised application programming interface which allows systems to communicate with the Maxlab back end, inserting images and orders and giving instructions for production. REST is the ubiquitous language understood by programmers from all platform backgrounds.

whiteboard presentation 3 people.jpg
whiteboard presentation 3 people.jpg

Integration And Customisation

Halsys has a long tradition of collaboration with our customers and their partners, on e-commerce, business integrations and workflow automation projects. Always with the common goal of customer success.  


Production tools

MaxLab Production Agents connect to many output devices, and have highly configurable batching and queuing options to give your production facility routing & load balancing control with full visibility.

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Print Production

MaxLab Agents supports printing to major brands including Fujifilm (FCIM & C8), Noritsu (NetOrder & NHF), Epson DPOF and many others. 

MaxLab provides high volume photography solutions for…


School photographers


Cruise ship photographers

Running Event PhotographerAdobeStock_311344091.jpeg

Events photographers


> Proof plan workflow

> Import / Edit / Print

> Tagging system

> Non-destructive editing

> Powerful search

> Colour managed workflow

> Modular system

> Automatic cropping with face detect

“Gillman & Soame have been working with Halsys for a number of years, Halsys have been in instrumental in overhauling our digital portraiture business from capture to distribution.”

Gary White, Director Gillman and Soame UK Ltd.

Found your solution?

If you’re interested in finding out more about how MaxLab could be incorporated into your business, book a free discovery call with us today.

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