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Halsys and Image pave the way with award-winning volume photography software for the cruise industry

Image have been a long-standing client of Halsys since the early 2000s. Over time, Image shifted from using our off-the-shelf photo software to collaborating with us to customise the system to the specific needs of the cruise industry. To allow Image to take ever greater advantage of digital technology, we agreed to a long-term project to build a next generation software system in 2012.

The upsizing of cruise ships’ capacity from around 1,800 to over 6,000 guests over time allowed Image to work with its clients to provide technology solutions that both drove innovation and maximised the guest experience.

The majority of innovation was focused around product and photo gallery design, but over time it became clear that digital technologies (such as digital cameras and mini-lab printers) would become an important part of cruise ship photo services. Specialist software was required to manage these large scale photo operations.

In 2014, the first high volume, fully digital photo service system in the cruise industry was introduced by Image. For this introduction of innovative technology, Image won the coveted Seatrade Supplier of the Year Award in September 2015. Improving business and environmental efficiencies whilst also enhancing the guest experience helped Image to win the coveted award.

Halsys worked closely with Image to find the optimal workflow solution for photographers to import camera files, link these to guests, have automated and manual editing options, render and store multiple copies of images to be used in a variety of formats and create various digital and print products.

More recently in 2019, Image stepped away from offering photographic services on cruise ships. They instead focused on offering high volume photographic technology solutions to cruise companies. Halsys continues to be involved in the success of these iQ system technologies.

Brynley, from Image, had some kind words of praise for our advanced digital solutions:

“Halsys have played an essential role in helping Image create these technology solutions over a long period of product development and ongoing improvement.Halsys have a deep understanding of commercial photo workflow requirements which is essential when working with high volume photo solutions and producing consistently high quality images from various types of photo events. The team have always worked diligently to quickly understand Image’s overall needs and objectives and make sure these are taken into account in any development work provided.A lot of current software development is about integrating different solutions together and working with different software development groups. Image has always found Halsys to be highly collaborative and professional when working with outside software developers on integration projects.”

For more information on the ID Shoot, contact our team.

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