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ID Shoot 2022

ID Shoot new release 2022.3.6

ID Shoot has been our flagship capture software since 2015. It has always been a great work horse, doing the job it was required to do but not always in the most elegant way. Not anymore. We have invested time and expertise into modernising the look and feel of the user interface, making for an improved workflow. Also adding in some new functionality from feedback from the users. Here is a rundown of some of the major advancements that have been made.

User Interface Improvements

We have spent a great deal of time analysing how photographers of ID shoot use the software:

We have added splitters to the side panel in the photography screen, so you can position them however you need.

Front Screen UI Changes

We have moved the start new job, archive and setting buttons to the top toolbar to make them more discoverable, this in turn frees up space on the right panel.

For more information on the ID Shoot, please get in touch with our team.

Locking Settings.

We have recognised that the larger businesses want to lock some of the more intricate settings. With this in mind we have given the business owners the ability to set ID Shoot with some default settings, then lock those settings in so that photographers can concentrate on the important job of getting the young people to smile, taking a great photo and have fun.

  • Enable Image Deletion – Exactly that, stops photographers being able to delete their images, we have added in the ability to reject an image instead.

  • Data Import – Allow Manual Mapping – If you are using the same set up each time you can lock out the photographers from mapping the data, so it will do it automatically every time. This requires that you are strict in how you set up the spreadsheets to be imported,  making sure they are the same each time.

  • Skip Pre-Shoot Card Printing – If you are producing the shoot cards through MaxLab, for more intricate designs and more powerful use of data you can skip this part speeding up setting up jobs. 

Reject Rather than Delete.

From feedback from users of ID shoot we have changed the function of the delete X icon. This now just greys out the image, rejecting it. This can be toggled on and off at will, enabling the photographer to edit quickly and easily while on the photography day. 

These rejected images, on export, can be placed in a rejected folder or included in the images but given a rejected flag when imported into MaxLab. They can also be exclude from the export completely.

Company Branding.

Corporate image is very important, so we have added branding into ID Shoot. You can have your logo, either as a PNG image or a Jpeg. It will appear on the shoot screen while there is no pupil image for that data set.

Favourite Image

One of Halsys’ unique selling points is our ability to adapt and listen to our customers. Having had feedback regarding the process of producing the school record images we have added in the ability to change the automatically selected image to the first or last image photographed. Giving more flexibility, but on top of that we have also given users the ability to select the image themselves with a gold star. This information is also passed into MaxLab in the form of a 5 starred image, this being your “Favourite”. We have included a striking yellow line around the “favourite” image for a visual aid.

Absent Button.

Another useful function we have added is the capability to mark a student as absent from the photography day, helping with any retakes and logging who needs to be re-photographed

Grouping Images for Export

Some systems require the photographer to supply the images in a separate folder per class or per student. We have added a tick box on export, this will give you a folder with all the images that relate to the group set, whether it’s  grouped by class, Year or student admin number. The text in brackets tells you what they will be grouped by, the below will be grouped by Class.

Image saved folder

One of the constrictions that the older version of ID shoot had was that the save folder could not be changed from the system picture folder. We have now changed this is the the user can define the save folder, making it easier to manage your images.

How to get the latest version.

As you can see we have made some major changes to the functionality of ID shoot not just the user interface.

If you are an ID Shoot user please get in touch to have the latest version of ID shoot installed. If you aren’t, what are you waiting for? Ask for a demo today.

For more information on the ID Shoot, contact our team.

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