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MaxLab Release 2024.0.6

Our latest release, MaxLab 2024.0.6 is live, boasting a host of enhancements driven by you, our valued users. In this blog, we’ll highlight a few of our favourite new features - some may be small in stature, but all high-volume photography operations will benefit from any valuable time savings.

#1 Dockable/Floating Side Panels

The introduction of dockable side panels offers users the flexibility to customise their workspace according to preference. It’s now possible to arrange the side panels to display the tabs you use most frequently, allowing quick and easy access to the powerful tools within MaxLab photo editing software.

With a simple drag-and-drop interface, configuring the side panels is easy, meaning fewer clicks to access the tools and features you need most often, ultimately enhancing efficiency and productivity. Whether you're colour correcting images, managing the image cropping, or analysing data, the customisable side panels ensure that your most-used tools are accessible, enabling you to work seamlessly within MaxLab.

#2 Sorting Tool

MaxLab’s sorting tool is primarily tailored for our Police Force customers, giving them the ability to effortlessly sort images into the required sequence. But this functionality isn’t limited to law enforcement; it’s also useful for any user who needs to rearrange a set of images into a specific order without the aid of structured data.

With a simple drag and drop, you can efficiently organise images according to their desired sequence, simplifying tasks such as case management, evidence presentation, or creating visual narratives. When arranging crime scene photos or other image collections, this feature enables users to achieve a precise order.

By providing a seamless solution for image sequencing, MaxLab photo management software continues to enhance usability and cater to the diverse needs of our users, facilitating smoother workflows and improved productivity across multiple sectors and applications.

#3 New Face Detect AI

Responding to increasing inquiries from school photography businesses regarding their hesitation to send images to external servers, we've made a strategic decision to integrate face detection within the latest release of our MaxLab bespoke digital imaging software.

By hosting face detection capabilities within MaxLab, we address concerns around data security and privacy, providing reassurance to our users, particularly in sensitive environments like schools and nurseries. This integration ensures that images remain securely stored within the user's own environment.

By centralising face detection within MaxLab, we can streamline your workflows, eliminating the need to rely on external tools or services for this essential functionality; convenience backed up by our commitment to empowering our users with comprehensive, secure, and user-friendly solutions tailored to their specific needs.

The face detection feature within MaxLab not only identifies faces but also provides insightful image data, such as smile and blink scores (and blur detection coming soon). These scores offer valuable insights into the facial expressions and eye behaviour captured in the images.

Utilising this data within MaxLab photography software, users gain the ability to advance filter and sort images based on face count, smile  and blink scores. This capability facilitates the culling process, enabling users to quickly identify the best images, streamlining workflow, saving time and increasing productivity.

The ‘select favourite’ and ‘auto reject’ functions provide a one click automation to assist with culling, using AI to find the best expression from multiple images of the same subject.

Whether selecting images for further editing or printing, users can make informed decisions based on the detailed image information provided within MaxLab photo management software.

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s a quote from a MaxLab user regarding MaxLab face detection:

“To be honest, I think it's amazing. Completely forgot we can just queue it all in the background so users won't even have to wait for the detection if it's done beforehand or upon import. This is absolutely incredible!”

#4 Grey Card Colour Balance

The sooner you can catch and rectify issues in your workflow, the smoother the process will be. Recognising this, we've introduced our own grey card workflow within MaxLab photo editing software. This feature includes a white, grey, and black picker within the curve correction tool.

Incorporating grey card calibration into your image editing process is easy. Simply load a grey card image, select a point representing white, grey, or black, and MaxLab automatically applies the corresponding correction to all selected images. This streamlined approach simplifies the calibration process saving both time and money.

By integrating this feature directly into MaxLab’s suite of high-volume photography solutions, we aim to enhance efficiency and convenience for photography companies, allowing them to achieve optimal results with minimal effort. Whether working on individual photos or batch processing large image collections, our grey card workflow helps users maintain precision and consistency in their editing workflows.

The latest release of MaxLab bespoke imaging software includes the following key improvements and newly introduced features:

  • Support for retouching multiple images at once

  • Colour corrected retouch - Retouch a colour corrected image from MaxLab

  • Dockable / Floating Side Panels 

    • Allows multiple side panels side by side, allows pulling out into separate floating panel

  • Sorting tool - manually sort the order of images in a collection

  • Azure Face API - Integrated offline face detection

  • Add in routing individual products to a device but not all to be auto assigned.

  • Grey Card Colour Balance (White, Grey and black picker)

    • White Balance set of Images using Grey card reference Image

  • Added the capability to change an asset in an order by right-clicking an asset and then having the other assets with the same data show in a grid.

  • MaxLab Portal Angular 16 Update

Should you wish to review a complete list of all enhancements, new features and bug fixes, contact us and we’ll send you a copy of the MaxLab 2024.0.6 release notes.

If you’re interested in learning more about MaxLab volume photography workflow or any of our product solutions, do get in touch with our team or book a MaxLab Discovery Call.


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