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MaxLab Release 2023.0.8

The new release of Maxlab is now available and there has been a large number of improvements and innovations some driven by our current users and others in house. There are too many to go through in a short blog. You can find a complete list of the fixes, improvements and new features on the change notes on our download page.

Here we will highlight some of the new features.

System Wide Backgrounds

We added in a previous release support for printing PNG images. We have now taken that one step further. You can now set system wide backgrounds. What this means it is now quick and easy to apply a background to a set of images or an image. This will also give you the ability to link these background images to your sales website. The backgrounds can be selected by your customers, and then automatically selected in MaxLab for printing or creating digital files.

Data View

We have added in a new option in the data view in MaxLab Client, you can now see the data view with a thumbnail image to stop users having to click between pages, making identifying the data to be edited much faster and less cognitive load on the user.

There is also a slider to make the thumbnails larger or smaller as required

Reference images

A new feature that has been requested by some of our users was the ability to have a reference image to help with colour correcting. You can now highlight your chosen image and save it as a reference image. This will opened in a separate modal, which can be moved and resized. This can help with quality control, every image can be colour corrected to the same required colour balance making for more consistent results.

Import Subfolders

From feedback from users we have now added in the ability to import not just the chosen folder but also any subfolders within that folder, this will speed up workflow.

Production Agent UI Improvements

We have made some improvements to the visual feel and look of Production Agent. The preview image is now larger and you can also toggle through the previews, it isn’t of every image as this would slow down production. Also this preview can be broken out into a separate modal.

Grid Tickets

We have added in a new ticket option, Grid tickets. This will speed up job ticket creation dramatically, by removing the need to tile your tickets onto a sheet and also give you great control of where the images are placed on the sheet.

Key advantages:

  • Much faster ticket production than using the agent to tile.

  • Provides better control of ticket tiling than using Production Agent tiling option (for cutter support).

  • See the tiled renders in Production Agent preview during rendering.

And the Rest….

Here is a quick overview of some of the other major improvements:

  • The MaxLab Suite of software works as a seamless workflow. The reason it is made of multiple applications comes down to software architecture. This enables it to be scaleable to any size of business. The New icon set is intended to signify this, and help quickly identify the component parts as belonging to the same “team”.

  • Added the ability for an administrator to reset a user’s password in the portal.

  • Added a right click context menu of data grid view to rename an image file.

  • MaxLab Agent ‘Hot Folder’ functionality – Allow ad-hoc Images to be printed via Production Agent

  • Order builder data view UI changes

    • Reduced size of Images and text in Order Builder data view

    • Changed how packages are shown in data view to only show one item per pack rather than splitting the pack into products

  • GDPR manage subject

      • Initial set up for Subject finder in Portal

      • Implemented PDF downloading for a subject in subject finder, and deletion of a subject.

  • Layout Designer : show product preview in Open Layout screen

For more information on the MaxLab or any of our product range, get in touch with our team.

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