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ID Studio the New Name for ID Shoot

Halsys, announces today that we have changed the name of our School Photo solution from ID-Shoot to ID-Studio. Having received feedback from customers we felt there was no place for the word “shoot” in today’s schools photography industry.

We have also removed the word shoot from all visible areas of the software (Photoshoot becomes “Photo Session” and shootlist becomes “session data”)

ID Studio is the best schools photography capture solution in the world right now. We know that taking a picture of a qr code to link your data has some benefits, but for efficiency, ease of use and the confidence it gives photographers during the session, ID-Studio cannot be beaten.

If you disagree we would love to hear from you.

There is another word we sometimes like to avoid. Tether. Depending on how you like to operate, tethering can have a negative connotation, but the good news is that with the wireless cameras and wireless barcode scanners available, you can still reap the benefits of ID-Studio without the wires. Look out for a blog coming soon on that topic.

There have been some major improvements to ID Studio in 2022 which were highlighted in a previous blog – ID Studio.

For more information, get in touch with our team.

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