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MaxLab QR Workflow

What is QR Code Workflow?

Put very simply it is the ability to link pupil data (Name, Class, Admin Number, online access code etc.) with the pupils images, without the need to link to a computer or an internet connection, in fact the only additional thing you need to take to the school are the printed QR codes. You can even shoot the QR codes from a tablet or phone.

Here is a quick video with an outline of how it works:

So that’s all it takes, four easy steps

–     Receive the spreadsheet from your school and import into MaxLab

–     Produce the QR code Photo Tickets.

–     Photograph each QR code before each pupil.

–     Import into MaxLab.

And that’s it, you now have the pupils data linked to their images.

MaxLab is an incredibly powerful software with numerous tools to help you speed up your processes and limit the number of working hours to get the job done. Here is a quick run down of some of the tools associated with the QR code workflow:

  • The ability to know who has been photographed with an advanced sorting function.

  • Manage all your schools data.

  • Proof on the day, giving you the capability to design generic photo tickets quickly and efficiently for each school showing online access code and ordering website.  The pupil can then take this ticket home.

  • Produce blank photo ticket for any pupil who is not on the school system.

  • Use the data to create school database images for SIMS or any other data system using the MaxLab export function.

  • Produce proofs with pupils name and class print, or any data captured from the school.

  • Filter by data to quickly produce class products, i.e. Composites or star/rotational composites.


For more information on the ID Shoot, contact our team.

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