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The Power of Linking Data

Linking data can be a very powerful asset. Parents are looking for more bespoke products, and this would normally come at a cost, longer production times and more chance of errors within production.

By using Halsys capture software, you have full control and an automated solution that will speed up any bespoke production. (Please see our blog on the pros and cons of our capture solutions.) With the power of Layout Designer, alongside MaxLab, you can create bespoke products that won’t slow your production down.

Creating fully bespoke products

MaxLab is fully customisable. You can add in any data field, giving you the flexibility to create many products with whatever data information you have. Below you can see an example of how linking data can be used – you can see the fields as they are in MaxLab and then the finished product as designed in Layout designer.

How can linking data help you?

So what does linking data help you do?

  • Make bespoke print products quickly and easily.

  • Make ID cards for staff with names and staff positions.

  • Quickly produce school record images in a number of formats, filenames renamed with Admin number or pupils name and class.

  • Produce images for yearbooks renamed as required, pupils name and class or house.

  • Named class, year or school composites or star composites.

  • Quick and easy identification of images for fast customer service resolutions.

All of the above features are easily corrected or manipulated in MaxLab.

By using layout designer within MaxLab, you can make layouts for multiple images quickly and easily. This enables you to deliver the bespoke products your parents are looking for, without the time consuming production.

Here are some products that have been created by linking data within MaxLab:

If you would like more information on the many ways MaxLab can support your photography business, please get in touch with our team.

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