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Upcoming MaxLab Release v2021.5

We’re putting the finishing touches on a brand new MaxLab release (MaxLab Release 2021.5). Our last internal version was put through its paces by our test and development team over the last few months, but was not released to customers as we know how busy you all get in the lead up to Christmas. This means that all of the improvements and new features since our previous release back in July are packed into this forthcoming MaxLab release, which will be out very soon.

A few of the features and improvements coming in this MaxLab release are:

  • Support for printing different image types, including tif and png’s

  • Offering you the ability to switch backgrounds within MaxLab, making cool new products, allowing you to make backgrounds identical across different photographers or giving the end user the choice of backgrounds

  • Added new functionality improving EXIF and QR workflow.

  • Improved import experience with quick access tools and faster data editing.

  • Integration using the GotPhoto password QR code, giving the end user quick access to their secure images via a QR code.

  • Memory usage improvements to speed up production.

  • Added in Foto Merchant integration to connect to their sales site, for another sales website option.

Please look out for the next announcement where more detail will be provided or get in touch with our team to find out more.

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